C is for Can’t


C is for Can’t…

…as in there are so many great words that start with C, I can’t decide which one to use. So, I won’t focus on one word or idea. I’m just going to list some C words and write little comments about them. Sort of random-ish.

  • Clowns—they’re creepy and I do not like them. My apologies to any clowns who might be reading this. Please don’t come and kill me in my sleep.
  • Compassion—The world needs more of this
  • Coffee—I need more of this.
  • Candy—I don’t need more of this!
  • Castor Oil—what is it used for, anyway?
  • Conditioner—without it, my hair is uncombable
  • Conditional—what love should not be
  • Crash—I’m proofreading book #3 from this series- amazing author (Michael Robertson)
  • Cabin—I would love to have one in the mountains
  • Clutter—why can’t it clean itself up?
  • Cliques—didn’t like them as a kid and don’t like them now
  • Chocolate—mmm…
  • Crust—my dad used to tell me that it would put hair on my chest. Not sure how that was supposed to make me want to eat it.
  • Crinkle—not sure why, but this word makes me laugh
  • Concentrate—I have a hard time — look! squirrel!
  • Comical—what the above attempt at humor was not
  • Comfortable—why yes, I am
  • Cuddle—I love that my youngest still likes to do this
  • Conclusion—that’s what this is

Thanks for stopping by! If you care to, leave a comment! <— C what I did there? I know… I’m such a comedian.

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