V is for Vile


V is for Vile

I’m still sort of loopy because of my painkillers (I had surgery 2 days ago).  Because of that, I really don’t have much thinking power right now. I decided to list the things I think are vile.

  • Litter–  find a trash bin, people!
  • Port-o-Potties– I refuse to use one
  • Squashed bugs– Insects don’t bother me unless they are squashed
  • Most public restrooms– I will use one if I’m desperate, but I don’t enjoy it
  • Spit– I hate when people spit
  • Monkey brains– as in the Indiana Jones movie
  • Brussel Sprouts– Blech!
  • Bad breath– Ick!
  • Pedophiles– the most vile of anything in the world
  • Animal abusers– second only to pedophiles

That’s all I can think of for now… it’s almost nap time. I’m sure there are a million other vile things in the world.  What are some of the things you think are vile?

3 thoughts on “V is for Vile

  1. I hope you recover quickly from your surgery. Terrible feeling to have painkillers course through your blood stream, but they are necessary for a full recovery. Get well soon!

    And yes, most public restrooms are extremely vile, IMHO! 😛

  2. Hope you’re healing well, Sara. You’ve shamed me by keeping up with a to z even through a surgery, I’m only on letter T. Here are some things I find vile:
    -litter, or gen. disrespect of land/planet
    -abuse of people or animals (of course)
    -joking about tragedy (thin line sometimes between neutralizing an evil thing with appropriate humor and actually celebrating that evil with laughter)
    -demeaning others for any reason
    -beats (the vegetable)
    -pessimism/fatalism (often mislabeled “realism”)
    -arrogance, of which I am guilty at times
    -war (Huh! Good God, what is it good for?)

  3. I completely agree with your vile list, except for the brussel sprouts part. I love ’em! Instead of brussel sprouts, I would put beets or turnip greens on the list.

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