C is for Color



Day Three of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

C is for Color

Color makes me happy. I try to surround myself with lots of color where ever I am. There is something about being around lots of different colors that makes my heart smile. Here are just a few examples of the little, everyday items I find joy in– simply because of the color they bring to my day:IMG_20140403_124946

These are the things I use everyday at work. I’m constantly changing the pens I use to write and grade papers with. I also use a variety of dry erase markers– just because it’s more fun. And see my red stapler? Well, I love it. 😀


Rocks are among my favorite things… I have a lot more colors than these, but they usually end up in random places around my house and car because I am almost always carrying a rock with me. Call me weird if you’d like, but I like the way rocks feel in my hand. As you can see, I also have an enviable marble collection. All of these were given to me by students over the years. I don’t play with them. I enjoy looking at them because of all the pretty colors. They also remind me that my students love me.

Green Purse

Even my purse makes me happy!

When I learned it is possible to dye sheep on Minecraft, I went a little crazy with it. White & black sheep were turned into purple, red, orange, blue, yellow, and pink sheep. I felt like a sheep-dying fairy, running all over my Minecraft world, zapping sheep with different colored dyes. Their funny colors make me smile!


When the adult sheep “breed”, they have colored baby sheep.

In my kitchen, there are lots of colors, as well.  I collect and use Fiestaware. My dishes come in all different colors- red, blue, peacock, yellow, cobalt, and more. I was going to include a photo of my dishes, but I realized almost all of them are in the dishwasher, waiting to be washed. If you’re not familiar with Fiestaware, you can check out their awesome stuff at the Homer Laughlin China Co. website.

Your turn–

Am I the only one who finds joy in having color around me?  What types of colors make you smile?  What is your favorite color?

Oh, in case you’re wondering, my favorite color is blue. I am drawn to any and all shades of blue.


4 thoughts on “C is for Color

  1. I’m in the process of taking math notes. I have a system with it. Boring black for the top of the page so I can flip through faster, green to separate topics, purple with written notes, blue for the math equations in example form, red for arrows or showing other ways to do things, and pink for anything extra I might need. The worst part? As a server, I had about 10 colorful pens (some I use now for the math notes) that nobody was allowed to use because each order would be written in different colors for the appetizers and drinks and salads (etc) so I would know what was grouped with what. I…might have a problem…

  2. Haha! Then I must have the same problem because I totally get that! Maybe there’s a support group for people like us. 🙂

  3. I can’t choose any one color. I like when two colors swirl together and make shades of all kinds of different colors, like pink and blue at sunset or green and orange in psychadelic sixties pop art. If I had to choose just one, I’d be torn between green and blue. I like green cause it’s so rich, not like dolla-dolla bill rich but like plant-life forest green rich. And blue is just beautiful, especially the ocean blue you see from satellite photos swirled with white clouds.

    • Mixed up, swirly colors ARE awesome. 🙂 Green is wonderful because it reminds me of nature. Thanks for stopping by & for the comment!

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