I am a Seeker

I am a huge fan of the TV show “Bones”.  There is something about the quirky, dark humor of the show that appeals to my quirky, dark-humored side.  I’m not sure what was going on with last week’s episode, but the show introduced the audience to a whole new set of characters.  Any other “Bones” fans out there smell a spin-off in the works?

The good-looking main character of the new characters was described as being a “Seeker”.  Apparently, he has  an amazing knack for finding anyone & anything someone wishes to find.  For a price, of course.  He does this by using his intuition, common sense, and two larger-than-life sidekicks.

As I was watching the storyline unfold, I realized that I, too, am a “Seeker”.  I don’t receive monetary compensation for my efforts and I certainly don’t have two kick-butt personal assistants by my side.  I don’t seek criminals.  I don’t seek missing loved-ones.  I do, however, seek lost treasures.  I do seek missing relics.

Specifically, what do I seek?

I seek socks.  I seek misplaced homework on Friday mornings.  I seek the missing  stuffed-animal-of-the- week when it’s bedtime.  I seek aphids for our latest ladybug “pet”.  I seek shoes when we are late for school.  I seek the TV remote so that I may use it to  seek age-appropriate shows for my boys.  I seek Legos.  That vital  missing piece, by the way,  is usually found under the rear-end of the person assembling the most recent Lego set acquisition.

Some days, I seek solely my sanity.

It’s amazing to me how often my boys think I just know where something is… as if I am a superhero who obtained my superpower after being bitten by some sort of all-knowing insect.

In short, I am a Mom… therefore, I am a  Seeker of the most important kind:  I find those things that mean so much to the ones who mean the most to me.

Seek on, Seeker Mom!

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